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Bibi's Hope - Hope for the Children

About the Orphanage

Many children in Mali do not even have their most basic needs met.  What’s more, many children in Mali have no family. But one woman is changing that.  


Maly Sangho, known as Bibi,  manages ASE-MALI orphanage in Bamako, Mali, Africa for kids who have no one.  Bibi cares for the children at her orphanage. She feeds them, clothes them, and takes care of them.  She provides them with an education. She showers them with love.


A strong Christian with deep faith, Bibi, the founder of the orphanage, is passionate about protecting the children and fighting to keep these innocent victims off the streets.


Bibi relies on donations to run the orphanage, pay the workers, buy food, medicine, milk, and for all of the needs of the children.


Support the orphanage with prayers and Give to help a child today. 

Click Here to see more pictures of the orphanage and mission trips

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