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Corvid-19 Faith Based Resources

This virus has caused our country to respond with isolation and other drastic measures. This can bring up a lot of different emotions: joy of no school, fear about finances, anxiety about the spread of the virus, etc. As a result, we are have been compiling different resources for you to use.

Listen To Medical Professionals

5 Facts About Coronavirus From CDC

Know who could be affected, what the risk looks like, if we're safe around those released from quarantine, how to stay healthy, and what the symptoms are.


Dr. Tim McFarland on Covid-19

In this podcast episode, Sarah sat down with Dr. Tim McFarland and asked for some clarification about the virus. He shares how it is similar & different from the common winter flu, how doctors are responding to the situation, why we will see increases in cases, his vies on the pros & cons of isolating, and how he has seen God in this situation. 

How To Make Simple Hand Sanitzer

If you are unable to find hand sanitizer in the stores, this simple 2 ingredient recipe works just as well!

Addressing the Situation with God's Peace


Creating Community While Social Distancing

What does community look like for the next couple of weeks? We have before us an opportunity to explore what it means to “be the church” rather than simply attending church. 

Mental Health Online Counseling

These circumstances of social isolation and social media's focus on the pandemic can cause anxiety. We encourage you to seek counseling from Christian professionals like Lutheran Family Services.

Talk With Your Kids About the CorVID-19

5 Questions Parents Can Ask Their Kids

A lot of students are experiencing anxiety as they are going through a lot of unknowns and changes right now. They recognize the situation is critical because schools are shutting down, but they need your help processing their anxiety and remembering God is in control. Here is a guided discussion to help your kids process everything.

4 Tips To Help Teens Overcome Fears of the Pandemic

Social media is fueling "hysteria" and many teens are either responding with denial or anxiety. Help your teens process the reality of the concerns by working through these four tips.

4 Stages of Panic Parental Cheat Sheet

No matter how old you are, this situation can lead to panic. This worksheet will help parents deal with their youth's fears while pointing them back to Scripture.

Video Explaining Corvid-19 For Kids

It can be hard for kids to understand why everyone is acting so weird. Here is an explanation that they can understand and keeps the situation light-hearted and focused on the Lord.

Making The Most Of School Closures

With the Corvid-19 Pandemic, school closures, social isolation recommendations, etc. it seems inevitable that families will be spending a lot of time together. This can seem a little overwhelming, but here are some ways to make the most of this time!

Devotional Resources

Camp Okoboji & Coffee

Each day Camp Okoboji's Program director, Izaak Wendorff, goes live on Facebook & Instagram to share a Camp Devotion over coffee!

Bedtime Bible Stories

The Skit Guys are putting together short videos to help kids laugh and learn Bible Stories as they get ready for bed..

Redeemer Specific Resources

Digital HS Youth Group Chat

Digital MS Youth Group Chat

Adult Digital Group

Redeemer's Plan During Covid19 - March 18

Worship & Education Hour - March 22